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A Swing Fix May NOT Be Right for Everyone


Watching The Open Championship I was drawn to the variety of golf swings by the leading contenders. It really did remind me that there is no such thing as a perfect golf swing. Each of the leaders have adopted a swing that works for themselves. That’s exactly the reason why you should try unique swing […]

Turn Your Game on Like Jordan Spieth


Over the past few months Jordan Spieth has reversed the winning drought that he experienced over the past few years. Every golfer experiences highs and lows in their games but when your game reaches the pinnacle of golf, you hope to continue to improve. Unfortunately Jordan informed the golf world that he was on a […]

Small Swing Changes Can Make You a WINNER or LOSER


Do you realize that your mishits are fractions of an inch off of a perfect swing? The pros hire a team to find their weaknesses and to get themselves back on the road to success. Recreational golfers can take lessons and prey for success but I so often hear that a lesson has destroyed a […]

Is Putting Luck or Skill?


Putting really is a crap shoot but the more you practice the luckier your will get. So how did John Rahm sink his 25 foot curving putts on the last 2 holes at the US Open? John gave credit to his new Odyssey Hot White putter but his putter also missed a number of other […]

Accept Aging and Discover Control and Distance


I have always wondered why I occasionally shoot 10 strokes below my handicap index. Why can’t I just bottle that feeling and shoot under 80 in every round that I play. I finally discovered the reason while playing from the 5,400 yard tees instead of the 6,000 yard tees. As I age with less flexibility […]

Confident Swings Improve Putting Success


I loved reading a recent article about Brooks Koepka’s recent and past success at the US Open Tournaments. If you are hitting great shots where you focus on the right swing, your confidence and success will just grow. It’s easy for the pros to get this feeling but recreational players just look forward to hitting […]

Nerves and Clutch Putts


Putting is probably the most nerve racking thing that we do in a round of golf. The suspense builds as your playing partners hover around you and throw in comments like “don’t rush, we have plenty of time, this is really a fast green or don’t blow it like the last one.” Words of encouragement […]

Tips from the Short Game Master


Even at the age of 50, the Master of the Short Game has proven that he can still win a major championship. We really should learn from Phil Mickelson’s success. He provided 3 short game tips in a recent blog which was released by SCGA (Southern California Golf Association). Following is the abbreviated version of […]

Simplify Your Swing Thought


Yes, I said thought, because your KEY thought is all that you have time to focus on. Your swing takes about 2 seconds so you don’t have time to control 20 thoughts. Your goal should be to remove the thought clutter out of your brain during your SETUP so that you can execute the perfect […]

To Bend or NOT Bend Your Leading Arm


Every pro that we see on TV has an amazing straight leading arm during their backswing and downswing. They depend on their straight arm for consistency and added power. So why is it that we also see some recreational golfers who consistently bend their leading arm and still play a pretty good game of golf? […]


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