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Chipping Should be the Easiest Shot in Golf


Every shot in golf is important but if you can’t hit your greens in regulation, you better be a good chipper. Golf Magazine feels that chipping is the quickest way to lower your scores. You don’t need strength to make this shot so anyone can become an excellent chipper. That’s the primary reason why so […]

GOLFSTR SPECIAL OFFER: Trade-in your old clubs for CASH or New Clubs


Thank you for being one of our GOLFSTR Swing Tips subscribers. You may also be using our GOLFSTR+ Training Aid which gives you 6 swing solutions. We are now working in partnership with GOLF AVENUE offering you trade site for your old golf clubs for CASH or a CREDIT to buy new or used clubs. […]

Tricks to Help Hit YOUR Next Milestone


Golf is a very personalized game. Every shot that you make depends on your absolute focus to apply YOUR BEST knowledge for success. You have to block out any external interference from your environment and your foursome. It really comes down to your personal skill in making a prefect shot every time you swing a […]

Your Golf Ball Design Matters


Technology in the advancement of the golf ball design over the past 70 years has been revolutionary for the game of golf. But, you need to take advantage of the technology that fits your game. Your swing speed is the key factor in determining the ideal ball for your game, so you should choose wisely. […]

Putting Perfection


I was happy to see that Colby on a recent GolfersRX blog suggested putting with a swing like a pendulum. As a graduate engineer I decided to swing my putter like a pendulum many years ago. It really is the only way to direct a putt directly up your target line. If you read the […]

Avoiding Miss-Hits to Cut your Scores


Wouldn’t it be nice to score a round of golf where you could play a MULLIGAN every time you miss-hit a ball? I’m NOT talking about a shot that is a little off-line or short of your target. I’m talking about drives into the woods or fat fairway shots or thinned chips over the green. […]

Tips to Solve your Bunker Miseries


Getting out of any bunker with a short or long shot is every golfers dream. A recent blog by GOLF Magazine gave us the 10 steps for success. These steps may not guaranty that you make more SANDIES (a bunker chip plus 1 putt) but they should at least help you reach and stay on […]

Easy Solutions to Improve Your Power


I love to see great tips from the old pros like Lee Trevino. I notice that his swing, like Jack Nicklaus’ swing evolved as he got older. They added features to increase rotation to minimize distance loss as their bodies tightened up with age. Lee suggested these changes: 1/ MOVE YOUR FOOT AWAY: Move your […]

The Debate to Improve Your Game


We often hear the debate about distance and control to lower the scores for pros but is that relevant for your game? We all know that longer drives will get you closer to the green and shorter approach shots are easier to make than longer approach shots. But the real solution to take your scores […]

The Perfect Takeaway for Rocket Shots


Wouldn’t it be nice to start your takeaway with a move that will guarantee a perfect swing with all of your irons? Well bless your stars because this is your lucky day. I have been working on using a flat wrist swing with lag that will power every shot directly up my target line. I […]


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