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Saves More Strokes with a Unique Chip


Golfers who shoot in the 80’s and 90’s need to focus on one stroke more than any other to lower their scores. Great chipping is by far the most important shot that you need to conquer before you will break into the occasional 70’s game. Mid-handicap golfers miss over 50% of the Greens In Regulation. […]

Do Golf Training Aids Really Work?


It’s shocking to see ads for GOLF Training Aids that promise an instant fix for multiple swing problems. Of course, those ads are designed to get your attention. It really would be wonderful if all of their promises could instantly or ever come true. I really admire the golf instructor who is promoting a wrist […]

When to Keep Your Head Down


I recently read an article stating that the worst golf tip ever was “to keep your head down” during your swing. This may be somewhat true but there are times when your can really benefit from keeping your eye on the ball. That article quoted Bobby Jones. “The average golfer would be a lot better […]

Strategy to Sink More Par and Birdie Putts


Of course, we all want to sink more par and birdie putts but you will never improve your odds unless your reduce the distance of your approach shots to the green and reduce the length of your putts. This is pretty obvious but you do need a strategy to improve your odds for success.Playing more […]

Putting Stroke Perfection


Good starting points for every putt are to determine the perfect target line and to develop a smooth swing which impacts your ball on the center of your balanced putter face. You can’t afford to have a hitch or a yip in your putting stroke. You also need to understand the changing speed of greens, […]

Should YOU be Refining Your Gear ?


I recently read an article about equipment changing trends on the pro tour. Obviously, what the pros do will most likely not impact your game. They use all the latest technology and financial support to make any changes that will give their swing an edge over other pros. I just wanted to share the tidbits […]

Miracle Setup for Consistent Shots


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could change your setup for your driver and for your irons to hit more fairways and Greens In Regulation? That’s every golfers dream and I believe that Hank Haney has given us a few great setup ideas for more consistent hits with better direction controlled. Hank Haney, Martin Chuck […]

Learn from the Pros!


At the end of televised rounds of golf, commentators attempt to glean nuggets of thoughts from the pros. Often they never really answers the questions but occasionally you really get a good insight into the success for their game. Instead of flipping your PVR fast forward, you may learn some good strategies by listening to […]

Hammer Your Drives: For More Power!


In a recent GolfersRX blog Christo Garcia recommend a driver swing setup that will help you generate longer, straight drives. When I tried his recommendation, I realized that his 2 suggestions were exactly what I have been doing subconsciously for my best drives. He suggested a STRONGER grip and keeping your trailing ELBOW CLOSE TO […]

Fixes to Sink More Putts


Why not soup-up your game with fixes for your existing putter? You chose your putter for your own personal reasons about the feel and the ease of sinking more putts. Unfortunately, your game change over time and some of those 3 putt holes start to creep in. That puts doubt in your mind and that […]


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